It’s Not Blood Clots!

Self-constructing Protein Clots I received these “blood clot” samples from a reputable embalmer (Richard Hirschman) who is active in the field of embalming and who confirmed these are not blood vessels or other tissues of any kind. They are structures that were evacuated from inside blood vessels during embalming procedures.I stained these samples using standard gram staining … Continue reading It’s Not Blood Clots!

Conservatarian Press Campaign

Writers of conservative-themed fiction need all the help they can get in an industry dominated by secular-progressives. This GiveSendGo campaign (see link below) strikes me as a worthy effort to support. As of this posting, they're 80% funded. Won't you help see them over the top? Every little bit helps. The culture you help save … Continue reading Conservatarian Press Campaign

A Kickstarter for your consideration

Pilum Press is the most exciting publisher to hit the indie scene in a coon's age. They have featured awesome authors like Schuyler Hernstrom and Jon Mollison. Their first two books were collections of short stories, THE PENULTIMATE MEN and THE WELLS OF UR, which I cannot recommend enough. Their latest venture is the introduction … Continue reading A Kickstarter for your consideration