Short Fiction: Neg Bog

A most entertaining short story by Alexander Hellene for our most interesting times:


It was a nonsense phrase; utterly meaningless. Yet everyone who tweeted it out or posted it to Facebook or anything like disappeared . . . if they didn’t apologize.

Carter Flannigan hadn’t apologized for posting it. And Jazmine Hernandez hadn’t heard from him in two days.

She tried texting him again: “Carter, it’s Jazz. Really worried about you.” This time she didn’t call him “hon” or punctuate her message with a little heart. He’d have to know that meant she was super concerned . . . wouldn’t he?

Jazmine set her smartphone on her desk next to her keyboard, her computer humming quiet and low. The machine was a beast, powered by a water-cooled multi-threaded processor with dual GPUs and enough RAM to open thirty browser tabs without crashing. Three quad k zero bezel monitors, side-by-side, enveloped her like she was Batman. Batgirl, more like. Batman had been her favorite…

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FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 14

The Saga Begins   Here! 14 The Farewell Tour   Christmas that year was a small and intimate celebration with my parents, grandparents on my mother’s side and the young twins. After Christmas I hit the road, visiting for two or three weeks at a time with various branches of my extended family. The trip led … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 14

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 13

The Tale Begins  HERE! 13 The Prom The following three months were my last of secondary school. I had already finished my studies before summer break and returned to school after Michaelmas to fulfill my mentoring obligation by tutoring the younger boys.  On the night of Gaudete Sunday, secondary schools celebrated the senior students promenade and … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 13

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter 10

Start The Story Here With  Chapter – 1 10 Promotions The freed hostages were tended to, interviewed and allowed to send messages to their home planets. The majority of them were citizens of the Union of Free Worlds, the nearest galactic power. They were survivors of the plundered caravels out of Caraquador. They told us they … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter 10

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 7

The Story Begins Here With  Chapter – 1 7 Technical Difficulties We could not help ourselves. To a man, I’m sure, we turned our gazes to the sky. Our visors automatically polarized themselves to block out the harsh brightness. Even at full occluding, stinging light still seeped through. I couldn’t see anything at first but white … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 7

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 6

The Story Begins Here With   Chapter – 1  6Ground Assault As if to drive the captain’s point home, our Halberds and Hussars loosed a cannonade of bright, white-hot plasma overhead. The Spontoons lurched forward to meet the incoming threat. On the ground, the Kuvasz tanks raised their turrets and laser guns to the sky and loosed … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 6