is a Catholic blend of Star Trek and Star Wars, a Space Opera which hearkens back to the golden age of pulp fiction. FAITH & EMPIRE is the first book in the series. PUBLISHED WIDE, you can download it from your preferred retailer into your favorite device by clicking the link beneath the cover.

FAITH & EMPIRE The e-book is only $0.99. Paperbacks are $10.99 and currently only available through amazon.


America is on her knees! The once-great nation has been reduced to an economically-crippled, terror-plagued, third-world country. Extremism rules the day. Demonstrations erupt into riot at the drop of a slur. The people are desperate. Blocs of states threaten secession while the government desperately tries to hold the country together.

America’s enemies, sensing their opportunity, close in for the kill.

One man rises out of the chaos with a vision for the future. Is he a hero or a villain, savior or mad man? Will his plan save the republic or set Americans against each other and the world, bringing doom down on everyone in one cataclysmic clash of civilizations?

Joe Corelli, an analyst for the NSA, fears the worst when he is hurled beyond the safety of his office cubicle and into the clutches of religious fundamentalists orchestrating the most ambitious coup in human history. Together with FBI Agent Annie Cooper and Freshman Congressman Lamar Reed, the trio find themselves up against a movement, the likes of which, the world has not seen in a thousand years, a movement that could alter the world overnight and threatens to dominate history for the next millennium.

The House of War is a ticking time-bomb of a political thriller set in a not-too-alternate timeline with a prophetic, fast-paced plot plucked from today’s headlines.

The House of War is the first book in The Omega Crusade trilogy. Purchase a digital copy for only $2.99 from your favorite e-book retailer by clicking the link beneath the cover. Paperbacks are available for $14.99 from amazon.

They are not fate-favored Chosen Ones. They have no super powers or tech-enhanced special abilities. They are ordinary men and women thrust into extraordinary circumstances when the supernatural crashes into their lives. Against the sorcerous powers of evil, they will have to rely upon their faith, their wits, and their trusty sidearms.

This new and exciting anthology of urban fantasy is brought to you by the publisher of StoryHack Magazine. You will find my short story, La Bruja, within its pages. My contribution to the collection is the harrowing tale of a detective and an exorcist braving the bullet-riddled streets of New Orleans’ gang-banger infested inner city to save a young girl from the clutches of a diabolic cult. You can pick up your digital copy for only $3.99 from your favorite e-book retailer by clicking the link beneath the cover. The paperback is available for $17.67 from amazon.

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