Breaking Fast

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. I did until the heart-breaking news out of Sri-Lanka broke. At present there is no comment that I could make about the incident that would not be outright hateful, so I’ll hold my tongue and offer up my sorrow-laden prayers until my usual Catholic stoicism re-asserts itself. In … More Breaking Fast

The Summit of Hypocrisy and the Depths of Apathy

Without Archbishop Vigano’s participation, I knew the recent Vatican summit on sexual abuse by the clergy was going to be a farce. Without Vigano in attendance, the gathered bishops could, with little resistance, pretend with the world at large that the Roman Catholic Church has a pedophilia problem when, in fact, the evidence suggests that … More The Summit of Hypocrisy and the Depths of Apathy

A Traitor to Dreams – A Book Recommendation

Elpida Kallistos has a secret. You see, on the outside she is the confident, ultra-competent corporate embodiment of Grrrl power. On the inside however, a gnawing self-doubt is eating her alive. Despite her best efforts to lose herself in her career, the ticking of her biological clock is a constant reminder that she is deep … More A Traitor to Dreams – A Book Recommendation

All Hail Mecha Trump!

This is from friggin’ Italy! We in the USA have got to come up with a ten story tribute for the President. I particularly like the Putin shoulder guard.  Looks like the Italians know who is the top Alpha Male on the world stage. Quick, someone let Mueller know.

Benjamin Cheah

In the Afterword of my latest novel, I thank a small number of people who helped with the writing of the book. Benjamin Cheah is one of the three beta-readers I thank for their attention and critique. So, who is this Cheah fellow? The short answer is that Benjamin is a fellow writer who is … More Benjamin Cheah