Fairy Tales or Documentaries?

  https://youtu.be/dmptHw-8j3o I have no trouble believing that our ruling elite are capable of the heinous crimes Q, SGT Report and others accuse them of committing. I cannot know how widespread the Satanic pedophile cult is across the globe. I do, however, fear the worst of the conjectures will be proven to be true. Sadly, … Continue reading Fairy Tales or Documentaries?

Hillary Clinton Is A Witch!

  Many of us have long suspected that Hillary Clinton was a witch and now that masks are being dropped everywhere, we finally have¬†¬†Official Proof That Hillary Has Joined A Coven. This of course is the latest manifestation of the recent resurgence of occultism among millennials which has been noted by news sites as disparate … Continue reading Hillary Clinton Is A Witch!