Writer’s Update

This first book of my space opera series was suppose to tell the story of Zephyrinus Zapatas' rise to knighthood while simultaneously relaying the history of The Holy Terran Empire. While it started out well enough, the middle section was turning out to be unwieldy and clunky, weighed down with too many long blocks of … Continue reading Writer’s Update

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 14

The Saga Begins   Here! The Prom The following three months were my last of secondary school. I had already finished my studies before summer break and returned to school after Michaelmas to fulfill my mentoring obligation by tutoring the younger boys.  On the night of Gaudete Sunday, secondary schools celebrated the senior students promenade and … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 14

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 11

Begin The Tale Here With  Chapter – 1. Jacinta Long hauls through space were everyone’s least favorite part about being an Imperial Marine. The eight-month journey to Muvuru certainly bore that out. It was certainly the longest trip through space I had ever endured. The ten-week trip from Earth to our Regiment’s HQ on Saint Ambrose … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 11

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter 10

Start The Story Here With  Chapter – 1 10 REPAIRS and RESEARCH The freed hostages were tended to, interviewed and allowed to send messages to their home planets. The majority of them were citizens of the Union of Democratic Worlds. They were survivors of the plundered caravels out of Caraquador, pilgrims on their way to visit … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter 10

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 8

The Saga Begins With  Chapter – 1   A Hellish Pit The collapse of the defile forced the bulk of our assault group back down from the precarious remains of the land bridge. Several, less fortunate marines and troopers toppled backward and plunged to their deaths on the hills sprawled out nearly a kilometer below the … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 8

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 7

The Story Begins Here With  Chapter – 1 Technical Difficulties We could not help ourselves. To a man, I’m sure, we turned our gazes to the sky. The sudden lull in return fire attested to the fact that even our retreating enemy’s eyes were drawn away from the battlefield.  Our visors automatically polarized themselves to block … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 7

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 6

GROUND ASSAULT As if to drive the captain’s point home, our Halberds and Hussars loosed a cannonade of bright, white-hot plasma overhead. The Spontoons lurched forward to meet the incoming threat. On the ground, the Kuvasz tanks raised their turrets and laser guns to the sky and loosed sprays of fiery bolts of light and … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 6