Franchise Redeemed?

  When Luke Skywalker tossed his light saber over the cliff, my interest in the Star Wars franchise went with it. Thus, while I will not be watching the latest installment of Disney's dismal Mary Rey Sue saga, I am intrigued by The Mandalorian series. I keep hearing really good things about it. The latest … Continue reading Franchise Redeemed?

Talking Dying Franchises at ‘The Federalist’

"The imaginative power of Star Wars’s IP has been systematically stripped away into a confused and contradictory mess loaded down with contemporary politics. The simple, yet rich story of the originals (and even of the prequels, for all their faults) now suffers from a soulless and pointless tumor that grinds the rich characters of the … Continue reading Talking Dying Franchises at ‘The Federalist’