The Summit of Hypocrisy and the Depths of Apathy

Without Archbishop Vigano's participation, I knew the recent Vatican summit on sexual abuse by the clergy was going to be a farce. Without Vigano in attendance, the gathered bishops could, with little resistance, pretend with the world at large that the Roman Catholic Church has a pedophilia problem when, in fact, the evidence suggests that … Continue reading The Summit of Hypocrisy and the Depths of Apathy


A Lame Duck Papacy?

Pope Francis' Latest Quip likening himself to the devil is an interesting one considering he has very recently insinuated that it is his detractors who are The Great Accuser. Seeing as these detractors of the Holy Father have been given this appalling appellation for pointing out his decades-long poor - if not out right criminal - … Continue reading A Lame Duck Papacy?