Novus Ordo – A New Vision Of Dystopia

This Is The Future Our Ruling Elite Is Creating Today The push to normalize pedophilia is now out in the open. It was inevitable that our hyper-sexual culture would eventually set its sights on children. If you think it could never happen, I would point out that today's widespread acceptance of sodomy and virtually unchallenged celebration … Continue reading Novus Ordo – A New Vision Of Dystopia

NaNoWriMo Is A Bust

My computer died on November 3, dashing my NaNoWriMo plans to pieces. I wasn't able to replace it until a few days ago and have in the interim been doing my writing by hand in a notebook. It's been such a long, long time since I've done so much longhand writing that the particular muscles … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Is A Bust