The True Story Behind Roe v. Wade

The March For Life begins tomorrow and since I can't be there, I thought the least I could do is post in solidarity with the marchers. This year will be particularly historic for it will be the first time  A US President Addresses the Crowds in Person!               Below, Live … Continue reading The True Story Behind Roe v. Wade

Live Action Responses to Pro-Abortion Arguments

Live Action  has created a series of short videos that offer responses to some of the more common arguments of the pro-abortion advocates. They are concise and compelling responses and well worth checking out. Their latest video on 'Abortion in the case of Rape' is waiting for you below:

Phillip K Dick’s ‘The Pre-Persons’

Phillip K Dick has to have the distinction of being the science fiction writer with the most movies made from his works. Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall are probably the best known of the lot. The Pre-Persons, the short story you can read by clicking the link below, has never been adapted into … Continue reading Phillip K Dick’s ‘The Pre-Persons’