Lenten Posts – 12

‘Nothing is more precious than time’, says St. Bernard, ‘but nothing so despised’. See these men standing hours on the street, looking at the passers-by, exchanging obscene or idle words. Ask them what they are doing, and they will say: ‘We are passing the time’. Poor, blind men, who lose so many days, but days … Continue reading Lenten Posts – 12

Lenten Posts – 9

This Lent, Don’t Fight on the Devil’s Battlefield Every Lent, we go into battle. The Collect prayer for the Ash Wednesday Mass describes Lent as our “campaign of Christian service” where we “take up battle against spiritual evils… armed with the weapons of self-restraint.” I love that. The thought of kicking Satan in the butt and trampling on … Continue reading Lenten Posts – 9