On The Culture War

Googling The Culture War one is presented with all manner of analysis. You will find articles by right-wingers blaming the left and left-wingers blaming the right for the mess that is the Culture War. The following examples should suffice as a sampling of the array of commentary on our present predicament: The Washingtonmonthly.com has declared, … Continue reading On The Culture War

Confucius say, “Modernism Sucks!”

Catholic Philosopher Edward Feser holds up the wisdom of the China's great sage as a mirror for our times. The Master said: “I detest purple replacing vermilion; I detest popular music corrupting classical music; I detest glib tongues overturning kingdoms and clans… I cannot abide these people who fill their bellies all day long, without … Continue reading Confucius say, “Modernism Sucks!”