Yeah, What He Said!   I briefly covered one of the incidents to which Richard Paolinelli alludes   HERE.


The Narrative Must Not Be Questioned!

I guess we can consider yesterdays cross-the-country, anti-Second Amendment Student Walkout the second act of the Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Tragicomedy. If you've lost track, the shooting would be the tragic part. The  darn guns are to blame narrative would be the comic part. But don't laugh too hard because Big Nanny is watching … Continue reading The Narrative Must Not Be Questioned!

Twitter Censors Blacks and Muslims!

    Oh... my bad. It's whites and Christians Twitter is censoring. It's an easy mistake to make and judging by the utter lack of outrage and coverage from the Lame Street Media, I'm guessing there's nothing wrong here. Just move along now. Go find yourself a cute cat video somewhere. Of course, Twitter's censorship of … Continue reading Twitter Censors Blacks and Muslims!