The Rogue’s March – A Book Recommendation

The Rogue's March : John Riley and the Saint Patrick’s Battalion by Peter F. Stevens is the true story of the US Army deserters who fought valiantly as a Mexican Army unit during the American - Mexican War of 1846 – 48. Mr. Stevens does a good job of detailing this particularly dark time in … Continue reading The Rogue’s March – A Book Recommendation

Libido Dominandi – A Book Recommendation

  I cannot recommend THIS BOOK enough! At 600+ pages Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control is something of a tome but well worth the read. If it were not well written, the subject matter alone would be enough to lead one from first to last page. But the book is very well-written, the style … Continue reading Libido Dominandi – A Book Recommendation

A Bitter Trial – a book recommendation

In this short but powerful book, one can really feel the anguish that the sweeping changes to the liturgy caused Evelyn Waugh. Through the various letters to Cardinal Heenan, friends and assorted editors, Waugh not only points out the various problems with the Novus Ordo - presciently calling to mind Pope Benedict XVI's critique of … Continue reading A Bitter Trial – a book recommendation