Beyond 2024

With the Mid-Term election now in the rear view mirror we can see clearly what we already knew going into the contest; We're a deeply divided country. Duh, huh? Will Trump's Presidency prove to be little more than a short reprieve of sanity before America collapses into civil war and is finally balkanized into a … Continue reading Beyond 2024

Bombs and Duds Update +

It would appear that the mailer of the phony pipe bombs may have actually been a Right Wing mid-wit. The operative word, this early in the investigation, is  appear. A couple of anomalies have already popped their inconvenient heads up through the narrative the MSM coverage is busily spinning. Angles and lighting could possibly explain the … Continue reading Bombs and Duds Update +

Kavanaugh Confirmed!

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed this afternoon after weeks of delay, deceit, demagoguery, defamation by diatribe-spewing democrats. Thank God Almighty that they failed and have thus given the nation the most conservative court since 1934! The libtards may harangue the airwaves and cyberspace for the next week or two with loud lamentations about the … Continue reading Kavanaugh Confirmed!