A Medieval Kindle?

As of this morning, I’ve got 347 books backed up on my Kindle. I have no idea what is the full storage capacity of the unassuming piece of plastic. I’ve heard it is in the neighborhood of 10 K books. That is genuinely cool unless and until the gizmo’s memory is wiped out by an … More A Medieval Kindle?

AI Promotes Patriarchy!

This story from  Reuters gave me a fit of the giggles. It would appear that amazon is scrapping its Artificial Intelligence Human Resource gizmo because the machine mind is sexist! To be fair, amazon lists other problems with the AI, but its preference for male workers is most definitely the story’s lede. One is left wondering whether the machine … More AI Promotes Patriarchy!

Our Lady of Victory

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, as modern Catholics know it. Some of us however prefer the feast’s older title of the Feast of Our Lady of Victory which was instituted by Saint Pope Pius  V in celebration and commemoration of Christendom’s miraculous victory over the forces of Islam at the … More Our Lady of Victory

Kavanaugh Confirmed!

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed this afternoon after weeks of delay, deceit, demagoguery, defamation by diatribe-spewing democrats. Thank God Almighty that they failed and have thus given the nation the most conservative court since 1934! The libtards may harangue the airwaves and cyberspace for the next week or two with loud lamentations about the … More Kavanaugh Confirmed!