Writers Wednesdays

David Gaughran is one of the more instructive indie-publishing gurus out there. I recently read his STRANGERS TO SUPERFANS and found it to be as practical a guidebook as it was inspiring a read. I will definitely check out the other three books in the series. As an example of how in-depth David Gaughran covers … Continue reading Writers Wednesdays

More Problems with the Fake Vax

There is a reason science is a process and until you understand something you should keep your ******ned mouth shut.Especially when all you have against 40+ years of hard science is computer models. Massssskss was one of them.  I warned early on that physics said masks could not work if the virus was in aerosols or transmitted in feces, no matter whether the … Continue reading More Problems with the Fake Vax

Adventure Stories for Young Readers: Submissions Wanted!

Misha Burnett has partnered with Sanderley Studios to create a short fiction collection for young readers. They are now accepting submissions until 15th May 2021. Submissions should satisfy the following criteria: Between 5000 to 10000 wordsTarget audience: junior high to high school-aged childrenCharacters need not be the same age group as the audience, but young … Continue reading Adventure Stories for Young Readers: Submissions Wanted!