Writers Wednesdays

Despite their almost numinous quality, archetypes are a very real force in our practical world. Think of it this way: all the things we imagine actually exist. Aliens. Vampires. Dragons. Fairies. All the memories of our actual reality also exist—in real time—in the same way. Regardless whether these things can be proven as corporeal, they still … Continue reading Writers Wednesdays

Dissent in the Press

Below are a couple of items which I pray portend the calamitous collapse of the mainstream media. https://youtu.be/yDWbfsf8XPA I'll be keeping an eye out for the scoop she tossed Project Veritas' way. (Should air tomorrow) In the mean time, I'd bet Ivory Hecker's story would be very similar to KARI LAKE's Story.

Scotland has appointed a vetinarian and a dentist to lead their Covid Crusade. This haggis-for-brains decision has provoked an inspired response in the way of an open letter blogger Athanasius at Catholic Truth: Dear Professor Fitzpatrick, I note that you have been appointed to the position of Chief Scientific Advisor to the government and that … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream

The release of Dr. Fauci's e-mails have proven once again that conspiracy theories are more reliable than the evening 'news' spewed out by the networks. THE FEDERALIST details a prime example of the media's duplicity, courtesy of the Washington Post. You can bet the WaPo was not alone in having to resort to middle-of-the-night stealth … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream