Save The Strand!

There are very few things I miss about New York City. The Strand Bookstore numbers high among them. It wold be a crime against bibliophiles if the bookstore went bust because of bureaucratic busy-bodying.  

CALL TO ACTION! Contact your Congressmen Before Censorship Goes International

Originally posted on Amatopia:
Now this is worth putting out the call to action for. USMCA, the purported replacement to NAFTA, includes some provisions that spell bad news for anyone on the Internet with dissenting opinions to those who run the big tech companies. The excellent Allum Bokhari reports (emphasis mine): President Trump hailed the trade…

AI Promotes Patriarchy!

This story from  Reuters gave me a fit of the giggles. It would appear that amazon is scrapping its Artificial Intelligence Human Resource gizmo because the machine mind is sexist! To be fair, amazon lists other problems with the AI, but its preference for male workers is most definitely the story’s lede. One is left wondering whether the machine … More AI Promotes Patriarchy!