Shut Down or Tear Down?

Could the   DAILY CALLER   be on to President Trump's real reason behind the government shut down? I sure hope so!


Psychologists Go Full Femtard!

I've always maintained that psychology is the crappiest of all pseudo sciences. It is a pill-pushing scam rather than a genuine science. As evidence, I offer this latest tidbit from those insightful plumbers of the human psyche: Traditional Masculinity Has Been Declared Harmful  by psychologists. Below you will find a disturbing glimpse at the sort … Continue reading Psychologists Go Full Femtard!

Not a Person, Not a Person… A Person! (satire)

Brilliant Satire!

Catholicism Pure & Simple

THE MAGICAL BIRTH CANAL  – a pro-life satirical video

From Choice42

Do you know how you got your human rights? This might surprise you!


A reminder from

Life Begins at Conception
A theological argument based on the conceptions of Jesus and of Mary

278. Life Begins at Conception

The origin of each human life, in body and soul, at conception, is important to the moral definition of abortion.

A. The Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ

1. At the Incarnation, the Son of God assumed a human nature composed of a rational soul and a body.

Council of Ephesus: “We confess, then, our lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, perfect God, and perfect man of a rational soul and a body, begotten before all ages from the Father in his godhead, the same in the last days, for us and for our salvation, born of…

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Bombs and Duds Update +

It would appear that the mailer of the phony pipe bombs may have actually been a Right Wing mid-wit. The operative word, this early in the investigation, is  appear. A couple of anomalies have already popped their inconvenient heads up through the narrative the MSM coverage is busily spinning. Angles and lighting could possibly explain the … Continue reading Bombs and Duds Update +