Killing Television

I will occasionally catch an old movie on Turner Classics and I can heartily recommend ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL on PBS. Other than those two staples, my t.v. can sit idle for days at a time. A time may come when I'll kill it off completely. I just don't like the sensation of i.q. … Continue reading Killing Television

Conservatarian Press Campaign

Writers of conservative-themed fiction need all the help they can get in an industry dominated by secular-progressives. This GiveSendGo campaign (see link below) strikes me as a worthy effort to support. As of this posting, they're 80% funded. Won't you help see them over the top? Every little bit helps. The culture you help save … Continue reading Conservatarian Press Campaign

Looking for Robin Hood

The disappearance of Robin Hood can be stated simply. In the last few decades, writers keep making one or two mistakes when writing Robin Hood. First, they take a grim, gritty, realistic approach to the tone of the story and characters. Second, they interpret Robin’s outlaw status to make him transgressive in a way that … Continue reading Looking for Robin Hood

An Empty Mass Grave

Remember last summer when a mass grave containing the remains of hundreds of children was found on the grounds of a former government boarding school for indigenous children in British Columbia, Canada? In the seven months since this shocking news broke, not one body has been found, and not a single shovel-full of dirt has been … Continue reading An Empty Mass Grave