A Cure for the Corona Virus?

  For the record, I'm not worried in the least about what I like to dismiss as the Kung Flu!  I'm just not impressed with its body count. The regular flu has killed 18K and counting compared to the dozen or so out of three hundred Corona can boast about. The global numbers are, of … Continue reading A Cure for the Corona Virus?

From Tiananmen To Wuhan

It's frustrating that so much of the news in recent years has been spent on vilifying Russia when there is a genuine evil empire out there to be on guard against. https://youtu.be/jvS0T5LkzfY   One shudders to imagine what becomes of such brave souls in Godless communist states.

Why We Write What We Write

And by 'we' I mean those of us who eschew the nihilism of  Grimdark. Hugo and Dragon Award nominee, Benjamin Cheah Kai Wai recently posted: 'This world is a dark world. Open a newspaper and see for yourself. Murder, genocide, civil war, assaults, rapes, kidnapping, sex trafficking, corruption, on and on, and endless litany of … Continue reading Why We Write What We Write