Not a Person, Not a Person… A Person! (satire)

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
THE MAGICAL BIRTH CANAL  – a pro-life satirical video From Choice42 Do you know how you got your human rights? This might surprise you! ———————— A reminder from Life Begins at Conception A theological argument based on the conceptions of Jesus and of Mary 278. Life…

Beyond 2024

With the Mid-Term election now in the rear view mirror we can see clearly what we already knew going into the contest; We’re a deeply divided country. Duh, huh? Will Trump’s Presidency prove to be little more than a short reprieve of sanity before America collapses into civil war and is finally balkanized into a … More Beyond 2024

Bombs And Duds

  The Counter Jihad Report has the most factual analysis of the bomb scare outside of what the FBI might still be keeping close to its vest. An objective reading of the facts can only lead one to conclude that this ‘bomb campaign’ is little more than a hoax. Another Hate Crime Hoax to be precise. … More Bombs And Duds