Benjamin Cheah

In the Afterword of my latest novel, I thank a small number of people who helped with the writing of the book. Benjamin Cheah is one of the three beta-readers I thank for their attention and critique. So, who is this Cheah fellow? The short answer is that Benjamin is a fellow writer who is … More Benjamin Cheah

Suicide of a Dream

  The American Conservative  has the sad details of the short writing career of Amelie Wen Zhao. The lesson here is Never  Ever  Give  An  Inch  to social justice warriors. The only legitimate response to ‘You are a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc… etc..”  is FUCK YOU!

A Medieval Kindle?

As of this morning, I’ve got 347 books backed up on my Kindle. I have no idea what is the full storage capacity of the unassuming piece of plastic. I’ve heard it is in the neighborhood of 10 K books. That is genuinely cool unless and until the gizmo’s memory is wiped out by an … More A Medieval Kindle?