A Cure for the Corona Virus?

  For the record, I'm not worried in the least about what I like to dismiss as the Kung Flu!  I'm just not impressed with its body count. The regular flu has killed 18K and counting compared to the dozen or so out of three hundred Corona can boast about. The global numbers are, of … Continue reading A Cure for the Corona Virus?

How Fake Can They Get?

ABC airs fake war footage. https://youtu.be/cY3CTKlI7KA And via  Voxday.blogspot: Dr. Udo Ulfkotte relates this little gem from the beginning of his career as a journalist... "I was bit afraid. I didn’t have any experience as a war reporter. Then I arrived in Baghdad. I was fairly quickly sent along in a bus by the Iraqi army, the … Continue reading How Fake Can They Get?

Bombs and Duds Update +

It would appear that the mailer of the phony pipe bombs may have actually been a Right Wing mid-wit. The operative word, this early in the investigation, is  appear. A couple of anomalies have already popped their inconvenient heads up through the narrative the MSM coverage is busily spinning. Angles and lighting could possibly explain the … Continue reading Bombs and Duds Update +