Conservatarian Press Campaign

Writers of conservative-themed fiction need all the help they can get in an industry dominated by secular-progressives. This GiveSendGo campaign (see link below) strikes me as a worthy effort to support. As of this posting, they're 80% funded. Won't you help see them over the top? Every little bit helps. The culture you help save … Continue reading Conservatarian Press Campaign

A Kickstarter for your consideration

Pilum Press is the most exciting publisher to hit the indie scene in a coon's age. They have featured awesome authors like Schuyler Hernstrom and Jon Mollison. Their first two books were collections of short stories, THE PENULTIMATE MEN and THE WELLS OF UR, which I cannot recommend enough. Their latest venture is the introduction … Continue reading A Kickstarter for your consideration

Looking for Robin Hood

The disappearance of Robin Hood can be stated simply. In the last few decades, writers keep making one or two mistakes when writing Robin Hood. First, they take a grim, gritty, realistic approach to the tone of the story and characters. Second, they interpret Robin’s outlaw status to make him transgressive in a way that … Continue reading Looking for Robin Hood

Sidearm & Sorcery Paperbacks Are Now Available!

They don't wear capes. They're not stronger than locomotives or quicker than speeding bullets. When supernatural terrors crash into their lives, these ordinary men and women are going to have to depend on their wits, their pistols and good, old-fashion two-fisted orneriness to survive. E-books and paperbacks of this new and exciting anthology of urban … Continue reading Sidearm & Sorcery Paperbacks Are Now Available!

Sidearm & Sorcery is Live

They are not fate-favored Chosen Ones. They have no super powers or tech-enhanced special abilities. They are ordinary men and women thrust into extraordinary circumstances by supernatural forces. All they have against the sorcerous powers of evil is their faith, their wits and their trusty sidearms. Sidearm & Sorcery: Volume 1 is out now as … Continue reading Sidearm & Sorcery is Live

Sidearm & Sorcery

COMING SOON The creator of STORYHACK Magazine is assembling an anthology of thrilling stories about ordinary people up against paranormal threats. LA BRUJA is my contribution to the collection. It's the tale of a New Orleans Police Detective joining forces with an Exorcist to rescue a young girl from the clutches of a demonic cult. … Continue reading Sidearm & Sorcery

Corporate Rot and Pop Culture If you would have genuine entertainment, it is best to eschew the products corporate mills like Disney put out and seek out independent creators. We are everywhere and producing thrilling tales all the time. Some of my favorites are John C. Wright, Brian Neimeier, Declan Finn, Adam Lane Smith and Benjamin Cheah to name … Continue reading Corporate Rot and Pop Culture