Seeing as the Covid Plandemic narrative unravels daily, it is prudent to wonder if Satan's minions might have a Plan B in the works... During my research into the false claims of excess deaths caused by COVID-19 and the pseudo-sciences which supports it, I have stumbled over some very worrying developments which I will summarise … Continue reading GLOBOHOMO’s Plan B?

It Was Always About The Children

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus--a crying circle for Bay Area pederasts--took this video down in panic and shame, but it must be preserved as an example of accidental honesty.Milo Beginning with the Garden of Eden, the goal of evil has always been the corruption of innocence.

Mass Shootings: Sources and Solutions

Messano News  offers up a succinct and, for the most part, correct analysis of the epidemic of mass shootings. My only issue with the post is that it leaves out one other contributing factor: legalized abortion. There is no doubt that nothing in our history has cheapened human life quite so dramatically as the Supreme Court's ruling … Continue reading Mass Shootings: Sources and Solutions

Psychologists Go Full Femtard!

I've always maintained that psychology is the crappiest of all pseudo sciences. It is a pill-pushing scam rather than a genuine science. As evidence, I offer this latest tidbit from those insightful plumbers of the human psyche: Traditional Masculinity Has Been Declared Harmful  by psychologists. Below you will find a disturbing glimpse at the sort … Continue reading Psychologists Go Full Femtard!

Bombs and Duds Update +

It would appear that the mailer of the phony pipe bombs may have actually been a Right Wing mid-wit. The operative word, this early in the investigation, is  appear. A couple of anomalies have already popped their inconvenient heads up through the narrative the MSM coverage is busily spinning. Angles and lighting could possibly explain the … Continue reading Bombs and Duds Update +

Go Woke – Go Broke

  NETFLIX Shares Crash  in the latest example of the mounting evidence that Progressives are bad for business. the streaming network's  Deal With The Obamas, their signing on of  Obama Loyalist Susan Rice to their board as well as their celebration of  Abortion  and peddling of  Child Porn! are taking a toll on the bottom line. This is good news but … Continue reading Go Woke – Go Broke