Bombs And Duds

  The Counter Jihad Report has the most factual analysis of the bomb scare outside of what the FBI might still be keeping close to its vest. An objective reading of the facts can only lead one to conclude that this ‘bomb campaign’ is little more than a hoax. Another Hate Crime Hoax to be precise. … More Bombs And Duds

  It should come as no surprise that the filthiest, most venomous viper in the brood should be the Cardinal Archbishop of the swamp that is D.C.   Most of my fellow Catholics are undoubtedly shaking their heads sadly at the non-stop torrent of terrible and tragic disclosures of clerical child sex abuse. Many, I’m … More

Go Woke – Go Broke

  NETFLIX Shares Crash  in the latest example of the mounting evidence that Progressives are bad for business. the streaming network’s  Deal With The Obamas, their signing on of  Obama Loyalist Susan Rice to their board as well as their celebration of  Abortion  and peddling of  Child Porn! are taking a toll on the bottom line. This is good news but … More Go Woke – Go Broke