An Empty Mass Grave

Remember last summer when a mass grave containing the remains of hundreds of children was found on the grounds of a former government boarding school for indigenous children in British Columbia, Canada? In the seven months since this shocking news broke, not one body has been found, and not a single shovel-full of dirt has been … Continue reading An Empty Mass Grave

Mask Addiction

Admit it. You never want to take it off. Sure, sure, you have thought about it logically. You’ve read all the studies about how ineffective masks are at preventing the spread of COVID (and anything else). You have even read some studies about how masks are positively harmful (yes, it’s the same link—go, look; I’ll wait). You have had … Continue reading Mask Addiction

On The Culture War

Googling The Culture War one is presented with all manner of analysis. You will find articles by right-wingers blaming the left and left-wingers blaming the right for the mess that is the Culture War. The following examples should suffice as a sampling of the array of commentary on our present predicament: The has declared, … Continue reading On The Culture War


Seeing as the Covid Plandemic narrative unravels daily, it is prudent to wonder if Satan's minions might have a Plan B in the works... During my research into the false claims of excess deaths caused by COVID-19 and the pseudo-sciences which supports it, I have stumbled over some very worrying developments which I will summarise … Continue reading GLOBOHOMO’s Plan B?