Putin Derangement Syndrome

 …in 2006 only 1% of Americans listed Russia as “America’s worst enemy” by 2019 32% of Americans, including 44% of Democrat voters, shared this view. Only 28% of Republicans however agreed; a remarkable reversal of opinion. During the Cold War, Republican voters, traditionally the more religious and nationalistic element of the American political divide, viewed the Russians as the major threat; now it was the less or non-religious (and more pro-LGBT) Democrats who held this opinion.

Emmet Sweeney for The Saker blog

At its heart the Russia/Ukraine war is a religious war. The ‘Russian aggression ‘ narrative is demonstrable false and the media’s depiction of Putin as some sort of real-life Bond villain is a caricature at best.

Read the whole of Emmet Sweeney’s post @The Saker for the bird’s-eye view of the current thing.

2 thoughts on “Putin Derangement Syndrome

  1. Russia’s actions in this war are hardly an example of a county that is a part of “Christian Europe.” Genocide, torture, kidnapping, cultural destruction, nuclear threats…. this aggression is Putin’s paranoia. The Russian narrative, that of the ‘de-Nazification’ of Ukraine, is complete balderdash.


    1. Ukraine’s Azov Battalions were literal Nazis. Good on Putin for defeating them. Your ‘complete balderdash’ assessment is thus, well, complete balderdash. Russia’s actions in this war were precipitated by eight years of Ukraine actions against the Russians of the Donbas and neighboring regions as well as NATO encroachment. If you pick a fight, you have no one to blame but yourself if it ends in your ass being kicked. I’ll leave the Just War judgement to our Lord, and say only that a Russian victory could very well be a death blow to the Globo-Homo hegemony – a consummation, devoutly to be wished.


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