Andrew Torba on the Restoration of Christendom

It’s a bloody shame that we don’t have a pope that speaks so plainly and passionately in defense of Christendom:

God is real, the Bible is True, and Jesus Christ is King of Kings.

These are the fundamental truths on which we must stand if we are going to do what must be done in order to reclaim what is rightfully ours. 

America is a Christian nation, but somewhere along the way our tolerance for evil allowed subversive agents of Satan to invade every facet of our country and culture. 

Our worldly institutions may have been conquered by secular humanists who hate God, but we worship a God who overcomes all worldly institutions. 

The good news is that public trust and faith in these institutions is waning. For the first time in one hundred years we have an opportunity to rebuild and restore our once great society. 

The people in power want a Great Reset, but what we are going to give them instead is a Great Restoration.

Read the whole thing at GAB NEWS.

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