Looking for Robin Hood

The disappearance of Robin Hood can be stated simply. In the last few decades, writers keep making one or two mistakes when writing Robin Hood. First, they take a grim, gritty, realistic approach to the tone of the story and characters. Second, they interpret Robin’s outlaw status to make him transgressive in a way that … Continue reading Looking for Robin Hood

An Empty Mass Grave

Remember last summer when a mass grave containing the remains of hundreds of children was found on the grounds of a former government boarding school for indigenous children in British Columbia, Canada? In the seven months since this shocking news broke, not one body has been found, and not a single shovel-full of dirt has been … Continue reading An Empty Mass Grave

Sidearm & Sorcery Paperbacks Are Now Available!

They don't wear capes. They're not stronger than locomotives or quicker than speeding bullets. When supernatural terrors crash into their lives, these ordinary men and women are going to have to depend on their wits, their pistols and good, old-fashion two-fisted orneriness to survive. E-books and paperbacks of this new and exciting anthology of urban … Continue reading Sidearm & Sorcery Paperbacks Are Now Available!

Mask Addiction

Admit it. You never want to take it off. Sure, sure, you have thought about it logically. You’ve read all the studies about how ineffective masks are at preventing the spread of COVID (and anything else). You have even read some studies about how masks are positively harmful (yes, it’s the same link—go, look; I’ll wait). You have had … Continue reading Mask Addiction

The Vaxed Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (AND SOME TO DIE)!

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From Les Femmes – The Truth:

Some “medical professionals” think all the negative data coming out about the jab is just one big conspiracy theory from a bunch of ignorant, mentally ill folks wearing tin hats.They seem to believe that the only doctors who arerealmedical professionals (besides themselves) are the onestheyagree with …like Dr. Fauci. No matter how impressive the credentials of other medical professionals, they are dismissed as quacks and cranks.

That is the new DR. FAUCI SCIENCE. Don’t question the non-practicing guru who hasn’t worked with patients in decades. You question him, you are a science denier!

No matter how much data and research reveal the link between the jab (It’s not a vaccination!) and physical damage, even death, to those who receive it; the true believers continue to beat the drum. Take the jab! Wear a mask! Wear two masks, wear three!…

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