Sidearm & Sorcery is Live

They are not fate-favored Chosen Ones. They have no super powers or tech-enhanced special abilities. They are ordinary men and women thrust into extraordinary circumstances by supernatural forces. All they have against the sorcerous powers of evil is their faith, their wits and their trusty sidearms.

Sidearm & Sorcery: Volume 1 is out now as an e-book. (Paperbacks Coming Soon) You can pick up your digital copy for just $3.99 from your favorite retailer by clicking the link beneath the book’s cover.

This anthology contains the following stories:

Flight Response by Jay Barnson

An army helicopter pilot has a harrowing experience with a mind-controlling sorcerer in Vietnam. Several years later, the sorcerer has resurfaced, but will this wild chance at revenge end in tragedy?

Small Town Sorcery by Bryce Beattie

Supernatural terrors plague a child at night, and her father doesn’t seem to be concerned. What nightmare is he trying to hide?

In The Forests Of The Night by Misha Burnett

Politics. Power always brought out the politicians, looking for an angle to drive in a wedge and gain some leverage. Magic was power, money was power, and this case was dripping with both.

From the case files of Erik Rugar comes another tale of magic, mystery, and a detective who is always over his head.

La Bruja by Carlos Carrasco

A New Orleans Police Detective and an Exorcist join forces to rescue a young girl from the clutches of a demonic cult. The trail leads them into the bullet-riddled inner-city streets of the Big Easy where lives and souls are held cheap and rival gang-bangers wage a bloody race war.

Living Land by JD Cowan

After the show, a rockabilly drummer follows a girl who looks like she might be in trouble. The two are swept away into an unexplainable land, where existence turns in on itself.

Under a Mango Sun by Michael DeCarolis

An agent of Thailand’s supernatural crime division must infiltrate Bangkok’s seedy underbelly to get to the bottom of an enchanted animal smuggling ring, where she finds herself in over her head.

The Undying Past by Dale W. Glaser

A private investigator is coerced into tracking down the cause of a curse on an ancient manor. Will he find the answer before the curse claims his life?

Green Shadow by Jason J. McCuiston

Some New Age cults are fads. Some are nefarious. A rare few actually worship dark gods. When an Afghanistan vet is hired to bring back a runaway girl, he comes face-to-face with the latter.

Prey of the Hamadame by Mark J. Schultis

A mysterious beast is preying on factory workers. A pregnant woman’s husband has disappeared. Can an outcast detective find him before it is too late?

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