Pray for our Bishops

Like a great many Catholics, I’ve been dedicating my rosaries this week to the USCCB as they meet together in Baltimore. Besides electing a new bishop for my home diocese in South Carolina, they face the daunting task of defending the Faith and the Eucharist in particular from pro-abortion Catholic politicians who make a mockery of the Church’s dogmas and Her most Blessed Sacrament. I implore you to join your prayers to ours.

Below are Robert Royal’s timely thoughts on the matter:

We probably won’t know until later today what the American bishops voted to do about the grave scandal of wayward “Catholic politicians” who have become some of the most defiant supporters of abortion in the nation. Joe Biden, somewhere along his politically ambitious way, has been persuaded to say – against all evidence provided by “The Science” – that human life does not begin at conception. Nancy Pelosi, in the course of an eccentric “Catholic” education, was taught that God gave “women” the freedom and ability to decide right and wrong. Not to address these sowers of falsehood and infant mayhem in strong terms, backed by action, would add another scandal on top of the one that already exists.

It won’t be easy, but let’s pray that our good bishops find a strong voice. And act.

St. Ambrose excommunicated the Roman Emperor Theodosius for ordering a massacre of 7000 men, women, and children in Thessalonica in Greece. (The equivalent of about an average week’s body-count at Planned Parenthood USA, for decades.) Theodosius did public penance for almost an entire year before being readmitted to Communion.

Pope St. Gregory VII let the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV spend three days in the snow outside of Canossa when the king insisted that he, not the pope, should have the right to name bishops and other Church officials – in other words, as in China today, the ability to choose Catholic leaders who would be submissive to the regime. Gregory excommunicated Henry and gave him one year to repent, or be excommunicated permanently.

Then, as now, there were many other complex factors in both cases. But these great saints acted and stuck to their guns. They did not give political malefactors cheerful audiences, as if evil activities could be ignored in persons occupying high offices. The Church remembers these men as among our very greatest leaders…

Read the rest of Royal’s post at The Catholic Thing.

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