On The Culture War

Googling The Culture War one is presented with all manner of analysis. You will find articles by right-wingers blaming the left and left-wingers blaming the right for the mess that is the Culture War. The following examples should suffice as a sampling of the array of commentary on our present predicament:

The Washingtonmonthly.com has declared, CONSEVATIVES HAVE NO PLAN TO WIN THE CULTURE WAR while the Inquirer.com warns the left that DEMOCRATS CAN”T KEEP IGNORING THE CULTURE WAR. The Washington Post opined on HOW DEMOCRATS CAN WIN THE CULTURE WAR on August 8th and then, less than a month later, declared CONSERVATIVES ALREADY WON THE CULTURE WAR. Not as resigned as the former, Gaurdian.com merely warns its readership that THE RIGHT IS WINNING THE CULTUR WAR while Salon.com assures the left that DEMOCRATS CAN WIN THE CULTURE WARS. Worried by the widening chasm between Red and Blue America, Political.com warns that the CULTURE WAR COULD BREAK DEMOCRACY. Unperturbed by the polarization, The New York Times advises, LEANING INTO THE CULTURE WAR.

It is clear that all this ink spilled in analysis of the Culture War is part and parcel of said Culture War.

Below, Felix Rex offers a different perspective altogether which is well worth remembering before leaping into the fray that is the Culture War:

Following a similar line of reasoning, CONTEMPLATIONS ON THE TREE OF WOE points in the direction of the solution to our Current Year ills:

Andrew Breitbart’s taught the right wing that politics is downstream of culture. He was right. But what’s upstream of culture?

Philosophy, that’s what.

Ideas developed in ivory towers years, decades, or even centuries before now shape the thoughtscape today. When the showrunner of The Boys says that next season’s theme is toxic masculinity, that concept isn’t emerging ex nihilo. It’s the result of academic work that began in gender studies departments in the 1960s.

Today’s politics is the result of yesterday’s culture, and today’s culture is the result of yesterday’s philosophy…

But I would say that while Felix Rex and Tree of Woe point us in the right direction, neither of them point out the ultimate source of the problem. Sure, crummy philosophy leads to rotten culture but, whence crummy philosophy? Neither gentleman has thought to ask what is it that lies upstream from philosophy? Once upon a brighter age, Theology would have been the obvious answer. Theology, revered during the Middle Ages as the Queen of Sciences, is the headwaters from which all human intellectual works flow. If theology is corrupted, that which fouls the waters will inexorably flow down river, poisoning everything.

A great primer on theology well worth the read is THEOLOGY AND SANITY by Frank Sheed. I can’t recommend it enough.

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