Abp. Viganò: Meditation for the Season of Advent

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Detail from “Visitation” (1530) by Mariotto Albertinelli (1474–1515) [Wikipedia Commons]

 Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano at Catholic Family News:

“Come therefore, Lord Jesus, seek Thy servant, seek Thy weary sheep.”
— St. Ambrose of Milan

“Quaere, inquit, servum tuum, quoniam mandata tua non sum oblitus. Veni ergo, Domine Jesu, quaere servum tuum, quaere lassam ovem tuam; veni, pastor, quaere sicut oves Joseph. Erravit ovis tua, dum tu moraris, dum tu versaris in montibus. Dimitte nonaginta novem oves tuas, et veni unam ovem quaerere quae erravit. Veni sine canibus, veni sine malis operariis, veni sine mercenario, qui per januam introire non noverit. Veni sine adjutore, sine nuntio, jam dudum te expecto venturum; scio enim venturum, quoniam mandata tua non sum oblitus. Veni non cum virga, sed cum caritate spirituque mansuetudinis.”[1]

The sacred time of Advent is of ancient institution and we find mention of it from around the fifth century, as…

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