Safety First?

Throughout much of 2020 we shut down our churches, schools and businesses for fear of a virus which was survived by 99% of the population infected with it. Since then, this same fear has compelled millions to inject themselves with an experimental gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine. We have done it all, we tell ourselves, “out of an abundance of caution.”

An abundance of cowardice would be a more apt description.

ACADEMY OF IDEAS puts our time in historical perspective and we don’t come out looking too good:

For the theological perspective, I would suggest reading the short piece by Dr. Joseph R. Wood of THE CATHOLIC THING.

I’ve heard it said that, “Be Not Afraid” is the most repeated phrase in the bible. For a vision of a future (fictional, though it might be) where Christians refuse to fear those who can only destroy the body, consider reading my space opera series, THE HOLY TERRAN EMPIRE. It’s first book, FAITH & EMPIRE, is published Perma-Free (It won’t cost you so much as an e-mail address) and Wide. Click the link beneath the cover to get your FREE copy from your favorite purveyor of e-books.

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