Confucius say, “Modernism Sucks!”

Catholic Philosopher Edward Feser holds up the wisdom of the China’s great sage as a mirror for our times.

The Master said: “I detest purple replacing vermilion; I detest popular music corrupting classical music; I detest glib tongues overturning kingdoms and clans…

I cannot abide these people who fill their bellies all day long, without ever using their minds!” (Leys translation)

Needless to say, the modern character type is the opposite of that of which Confucius would approve.  Youthful insolence is esteemed and ancestors and tradition are held in contempt. “Irreverent,” “subversive,” “rebel,” and the like are stock terms of approbation.  Power and fame are prized for their own sakes, regardless of merit.  The self is not tamed but indulged, driven by covetousness, lust, and the filling of the belly.  Tastes become ever more vulgar; the very notions of great men and sages, let alone heavenly ordinances, are sneered at; and popular opinion is molded instead by the glib tongues of a relentlessly cynical, mocking, and quarrelsome commentariat.  Longstanding morals and customs have been shredded and social order increasingly depends instead on legislation, regulation, and the threat of litigation.  Confucius, like Plato in his analysis of democratic egalitarianism, might as well have been describing twenty-first century America.

Read the whole thing HERE.

Reading of Heavenly Ordinances, I thought immediately of the Logos. And wouldn’t you know it, the very next blog post I plumbed was a real beaut from CONTEMPLATIONS ON THE TREE OF WOE. Click the link to read the whole thing.

The Ancient Egyptians called it Ma’at; the Ancient Sumerians called it Me. The Ancient Persians called it Asha while the Vedic Indians called it Rta. The Ancient Greeks knew it as Logos; the Chinese, as Tao. Polymath Christopher Langan, creator of the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe, calls it the Supertautology. In the more interesting parts of the blogosphere, is often called Gnon, an acronym for “Nature or Nature’s God,” and that is what we shall call it.

But what is “it” – what is Gnon? Every ancient culture expressed the same insight, the same truth, of Gnon…

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