Confucius say, “Modernism Sucks!”

Catholic Philosopher Edward Feser holds up the wisdom of the China's great sage as a mirror for our times. The Master said: “I detest purple replacing vermilion; I detest popular music corrupting classical music; I detest glib tongues overturning kingdoms and clans… I cannot abide these people who fill their bellies all day long, without … Continue reading Confucius say, “Modernism Sucks!”

Feast of Saint Louis IX

King Saint Louis IX is the paragon of chivalry and among the worthiest of Christians to take up the Crusade. The Saintly Crusader King's letter to his son tells us much about the man. To his dear first-born son, Philip, greeting, and his father's love.Dear son, since I desire with all my heart that you … Continue reading Feast of Saint Louis IX