Eucharistic Coherence

It’s a fierce debate, (whether pro-abort politicians should be allowed to receive Communion) and it highlights the division that exists among the American bishops. And of course, the liberal side is using this division as a means to squash any debate regarding the Eucharistic reception. We hear continued calls for “unity” among the bishops, as if unity—and not the Truth—is the ultimate good. Even if it were, this call for unity is not about unity at all, but a means of muzzling the opposition. 

Unity is a virtue to be desired among the bishops, but it must be a unity in truth. After all, weren’t the bishops united for decades in hiding the abuse scandal? That unity was diabolical. If certain bishops desire something contrary to the truth (such as the lie that one can support killing unborn children and still receive Communion), then dividing against them is the proper Catholic response.

The CRISIS article is a good one and should be read in its entirety.

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