Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream

The release of Dr. Fauci’s e-mails have proven once again that conspiracy theories are more reliable than the evening ‘news’ spewed out by the networks.

THE FEDERALIST details a prime example of the media’s duplicity, courtesy of the Washington Post. You can bet the WaPo was not alone in having to resort to middle-of-the-night stealth edits in lame attempts to salvage what they could of their rotting reputations.

Immediately below you’ll see WaPo’s headline fifteen months ago. Beneath it is the stealth edit made after the formerly ‘debunked’ theory could no longer be spuriously discredited.

I’ll conclude with Sarah Hoyt’s Epic Rant on all things KUNG FLU, or as she calls it, the Chinese Coff. It captures the frustration of so many of us:

First, and because I didn’t promise not to do this: I TOLD YOU SOI TOLD YOU SO, I F*CKING TOLD YOU SO.

For everyone who came here to lecture me, that the China Coff was going to depopulate the world, and I was being irresponsible for saying it was like the flu with a lot of stupid number games added; for every one who flounced because I told them the masks were a f*cking stupid idea that did nothing (including, yes, the gentleman who knew that masks would work against a VIRUS because when he was six someone made him put on a mask to go see his dying father); for everyone who mask-Karened with “just put on the mask”; for every raging asshole (including Sprouts grocery store manager) who told me that if I had a mask issue, I could get delivery, making asthma a crime worthy of home arrest; for every insane, stupid governor — Polis might be the dumbest of the lot — who made us wear masks outside, thereby making escape to the zoo or the botanic gardens impossible; to the f*cking airlines who f*cking stupid rules made it impossible for me to be at my dad’s 90th birthday.

Come closer so I can whisper in your ear: I TOLD YOU SO. After which I’m going to knee you in the groin so hard you’ll taste next Wednesday. Yes, even if you’re a woman.

So, yes, I KNEW from the beginning, and I was suicidally depressed that no one else seemed to see it. Honestly? I still don’t understand why. The numbers from the Diamond Princess were clear enough, but more than that, the fact that our institutions announced they wouldn’t audit cases of Covid-19, meaning there was no penalty for inflating the numbers, which they were being given extra money for; and the “must not question” policies of the social media and news media made it obvious what was happening: it’s a scam

The fact that we jumped from this to utterly radical program for containing the disease, only the program — like masks — made absolutely no sense.

Understand now and forever that quarantines and lockdowns have been used in the past. But they’ve been used for severely affected, afflicted people and areas. You don’t quarantine the healthy you quarantine the sick…

Read the whole thing HERE.

The take away is that one would have to a F#&King Fool to ever believe another word that issues forth from the government or the media.

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