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A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong

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A song to celebrate 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines

J-P Mauro – published on 02/23/21

Jamie Rivera gives a flawless performance paired with a colorful music video.

The Catholic Church in the Philippines celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2021. To celebrate this monumental year, they have joined with pop singer Jamie Rivera to release “We Give Our Yes.” The song is a jubilant reflection on 500 years of faith, paired with a wonderful music video that highlights the Philippines faith journey.

Rivera’s treatment of the tune was spot on, with a clear, crisp voice that feels destined for Disney. She carries the song with a warm tone and ringing high notes. According to The Manila StandardRivera performed the song live at the Manila Cathedral to kick off the 500 Years of Christianity festivities on February 6. Of her performance at…

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