The Lie Begins To Unravel

We were all lied to about how “horrible” 2020 was going to be — and was — in terms of excess death.  Indeed this is the “justification” used for everything — ‘Warp Speed’ (despite the now-emerging risks of killing people wholesale), lockdowns, mask orders, destruction of businesses, ruining a full year of student education in the United States and more.

The CDC paraded around their charts telling us repeatedly that people were dropping dead at a ridiculous rate and so did the media.  You know, people were dying but otherwise wouldn’t have?  This was the entire reason that politicians, businesses, schools and others gave us for all these “measures”; we had to do it because people were going to and did die at a wildly-excessive rate.  This was an awful pandemic, remember — the worst since 1918, dwarfing all recent experience.

What if I told you that was all a lie?

Fact: It was a lie.

2020 was not the worst excess death year since the 1918 pandemic.

It was second.

The worst year in recent memory was…. wait for it…… 2017.

That’s right — all of the screaming, the lockdowns, masks, development of stabs, all of it: We did it and are still doing it for, what we now know, was a complete and total load of bull****.

Go to The Market Ticker and read the whole thing.

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