Adventure Stories for Young Readers: Submissions Wanted!

Portrayal, Portrait, Baby, Face, Mood, Young, Child

Misha Burnett has partnered with Sanderley Studios to create a short fiction collection for young readers. They are now accepting submissions until 15th May 2021.

Submissions should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Between 5000 to 10000 words
  • Target audience: junior high to high school-aged children
  • Characters need not be the same age group as the audience, but young characters must demonstrate healthy obedience to parents and legitimate authority
  • Plot should be action orientated, and showcase, but not preach, virtue.
  • Stories should be an escape from real life drama
  • All genres considered, but exotic settings preferred, such as science fiction and fantasy, wilderness survival and historical fiction
  • Preference for previously unpublished stories, but may consider stories previously published online.
  • Open Office preferred, Word and .rtf also accepted. PDF not accepted.

Send questions or submissions to Misha Burnett at mjb63114 (at) Use [Name] Young Adventure Submission [Title Of Story] as the subject header for submissions. Include a brief description of the story, word count, genre, and publication history if any. Attach stories to the email.

Visit PULP REV for all the details and more!

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