Writer’s Update

I’ve spent the last five days cleaning up the manuscript for FAITH & EMPIRE. Having not looked it over in almost three months, the scrutiny of my relatively fresh eyes fell upon a bloody mess. So after five days of reading the manuscript front-to-back three times, all the while editing, tweaking, re-writing and re-writing and tweaking and editing some more for 10-12 hour stretches, I believe the manuscript is clean enough to go to market.


FAITH & EMPIRE goes live on amazon January 6. If you have .99 cents remaining on one of those amazon gift cards you received for Christmas, you can avoid the launch day rush and pre-order the book by clicking HERE!

Now I must scrub all evidence of the first draft from the site. Thanks to all of you who read through that rough first draft.

I’m chugging along with book 2, GLORY & EMPIRE, which I hope to have out in the not too distant future.

Here is the first draft of its cover by the amazing ArtAnon to tickle your interest:

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