Writer’s Update

There is a lot to the business side of being an independent writer. With the gatekeepers out of our way, it behooves us indie writers, those of us who would like to make a living writing, to treat the business end of writing as seriously as we do the craft end. Of late I have been trying to do just that, educate myself, reading books and blogs, watching vids and listening to podcasts on every conceivable aspect of the business.

My wee brain hurts with the effort to sift through it all and create an overarching strategy for myself.

But an overarching strategy is taking shape.

My wish to publish my trilogy wide and at one go turns out to be a less than optimal plan. The numbers suggest that my genres of choice, space opera/military sci-fi, are super popular on Kindle and not as much elsewhere. I could leave a lot of money on the table if the books don’t spend a season on KU before they’re published wide. How long a season that will be depends on how well they sell.

Once I feel I’ve gotten as much out of KU as is possible, I’ll resort to my original plan of publishing wide with the first book in the series being perma-free. Until that time, I will publish The Holy Terran Empire series on Kindle Unlimited. The first book, Faith & Empire, launches January 6, 2021.

The book is available for Pre-Order.

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