Writer’s Update

This first book of my space opera series was suppose to tell the story of Zephyrinus Zapatas’ rise to knighthood while simultaneously relaying the history of The Holy Terran Empire. While it started out well enough, the middle section was turning out to be unwieldy and clunky, weighed down with too many long blocks of exposition. It would have made for a very long book. I feared it might have caused all sorts of injuries to hapless readers who would drop the tome on themselves when they passed out from boredom at book’s midpoint.

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the physical well-being of my readers, I’ve decided to break it up into two books. FAITH & EMPIRE now concludes precisely where I left off the Serialization. You can read or re-read it from the start by clicking: FAITH & EMPIRE — Chapter – 1.

The sequel, GLORY & EMPIRE is under construction. Book 3, FEDERATION & EMPIRE (formerly known as: ONE LAST FLIGHT) is already written. Check out the Absolutely Awesome cover by ArtAnon Studios:

I’m committed to publishing wide, all 3 books at once, the first week in January. By then the fourth book in the series should only be a month or two behind the opening three. Additionally, FAITH & EMPIRE, as first in the series, will eventually be made perma-free in the hope of luring in buyers for the sequels.

Wish me luck!

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