FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 14

The Saga Begins   Here! The Prom The following three months were my last of secondary school. I had already finished my studies before summer break and returned to school after Michaelmas to fulfill my mentoring obligation by tutoring the younger boys.  On the night of Gaudete Sunday, secondary schools celebrated the senior students promenade and … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 14

FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 11

Begin The Tale Here With  Chapter – 1. Jacinta Long hauls through space were everyone’s least favorite part about being an Imperial Marine. The eight-month journey to Muvuru certainly bore that out. It was certainly the longest trip through space I had ever endured. The ten-week trip from Earth to our Regiment’s HQ on Saint Ambrose … Continue reading FAITH & EMPIRE – Chapter – 11