Writer’s Update

Cover Sketch for Faith & Empire: Book One of The Holy Terran Empire

The relaunch of my Space Opera series proceeds at a good clip. I hope to be done with the series’ first installment, Faith and Empire by April’s end. I’m not going to publish it right away, however. I will serialize it here on the blog, one chapter a week, beginning the first Monday in May. I invite you all to play Beta reader and critique as you please.

The second book is already in the can, as it were. It is the novel otherwise known as One Last Flight but soon to be re-released as Federation and Empire. The story will not be altered in any way, but I will do another read through looking for any typos or wobbly grammar I might have missed on previous passes.

Cover Sketch for Federation and Empire: Book Two of The Holy Terran Empire

The third installment, tentatively entitled, War and Empire is being plotted out in detail as I write the first. This is a change of writing strategy for me. I have up until now been a die-hard ‘by the seat of the pants writer’. I’m hoping this change will allow me to crank out the third book quicker than its’ predecessors. I don’t have a sketch for its cover yet, but I’m leaning towards it depicting some kind of battle in space.

It may be as early as the late fall or as late as the new year, but the opening trio of my Space Opera will not be published until they are all complete. Only then will they be released one after the other at monthly intervals. I’m doing it this way to take advantage of amazon’s book-peddling algorithm. This represents a shift in publishing strategy which my editor, wiser and smarter than I by far, prevailed upon me to make.

Once released, the books will only spend only a single ninety-day period on KDP before  Going for Wide Distribution through DRAFT-2-DIGITAL.

I no longer want to limit myself to amazon, but rather spread my eggs around multiple baskets. I’m convinced this is a better long-term strategy. This further shift in publishing strategy has already begun:

The House of War: Book One Of : THE OMEGA CRUSADE
My First Novel Has Already Gone Wide!

I also have a stand alone dystopian novel, Novus Ordo,  in the works which may see the light of day before the Space Opera trio. More news on that forthcoming…

Consider signing up to my Draft-2-Digital  Mailing List  in the meantime.

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