Lenten Posts – 12

‘Nothing is more precious than time’, says St. Bernard, ‘but nothing so despised’. See these men standing hours on the street, looking at the passers-by, exchanging obscene or idle words. Ask them what they are doing, and they will say: ‘We are passing the time’. Poor, blind men, who lose so many days, but days that shall never return!’ The Master of the Vineyard rebukes the men in the street for ‘standing idle all day long’ (Mt. 20.6): not for doing evil, observes St. Alphonsus, but simply for wasting time; whereas on Judgment Day the Lord will demand an account for every idle word, indeed for every thought.

Let us reflect how each moment of time we may acquire new treasures of eternal riches. Were all the land around which you could walk or all the money you could count on a day promised to you, would you not hasten to acquire as much of both as you could? But now what about the merits which you can gain for eternal life? Why do you not care to preserve your soul in the state of Grace, and so to acquire and to augment your eternal glory and beatitude?

Some might say: ‘I am young’, I shall give myself later to God’. And yet we read in the Gospel that Our Blessed Lord cursed the fig-tree the first time he found it without fruit, although the season for figs had not yet arrived, signifying that we must give forth good works from our youth.

Or what of the one who is no longer young? …

Read the rest at  Rorate Caeli

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