A Cure for the Corona Virus?


For the record, I’m not worried in the least about what I like to dismiss as the Kung Flu! 

I’m just not impressed with its body count. The regular flu has killed 18K and counting compared to the dozen or so out of three hundred Corona can boast about. The global numbers are, of course, greater, but they too pale in comparison with the mortality rates of other comparable means of dying the world everywhere offers up.

Nor am I concerned about the virus’ economic impact. I expect the nervous nellies on Wall Street will stop wetting their pants by mid-Spring when all flu bugs generally die off. The financial roller coaster ride should end soon thereafter and maybe we’ll even be a little wiser for it all. Maybe it will have us question the wisdom of depending on such long supply lines, especially for vitals like…  um… for instance… medicine! More than one observer has pointed out that this scare works in the favor of nationalism, hastening the end of globalism.

From their lips to God’s ears!

However, in the mean time, there’s no denying that the fear around this virus is real no matter how hyped and overrated people like me insist it is. It’s certainly a curious thing. I’ve heard of cures being worse than the disease, but the Corona Virus event may be the first time that the diagnosis itself can be considered worse than the ailment. I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to state that this fear is more dangerous than the virus, but more insightful minds would have us consider the heart of this fear…

The coronavirus dominates world news, whipping up a hysteria rarely seen in modern times. While the virus has yet to display its full fury, the reaction to it is at a frenzy.  There are two spectacles taking place: the coronavirus and the fear of the coronavirus that might be called coronaphobia. At this point, the latter is the most destructive.

People are terrified by the virus since it introduces them to an unknown world. It is a mysterious disease from a faraway totalitarian land. Everyone mistrusts the data coming out of China. The virus’s highly contagious and unpredictable nature adds to the generalized fear. Media hype and images multiply the impact of the disease by sensationalizing its every advance…

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