Lenten Posts – 9

This Lent, Don’t Fight on the Devil’s Battlefield

Every Lent, we go into battle.

The Collect prayer for the Ash Wednesday Mass describes Lent as our “campaign of Christian service” where we “take up battle against spiritual evils… armed with the weapons of self-restraint.”

I love that. The thought of kicking Satan in the butt and trampling on his poncy head a la the Immaculate Queen of Heaven? I’m so here for it.

But every Lent, I also have to remind myself to focus on what actually matters.

It’s Not About Your Weapons

We can get so focused on how we’re going to battle spiritual evils. We talk, almost incessantly, about which weapons of self-restraint we’re choosing.

What we’re giving up for Lent. (Chocolate, Netflix, Facebook, rolling your eyes at the )

And what disciplines we’re taking on for Lent. (The heroic minute, Stations of the Cross, praying the penitential psalms, or reading some a beautiful book of Lenten meditations.)

It’s about our weapons and how awesome they’ll be…

Read the rest at   Craving Graces.

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