Lenten Posts – 7

after the ‘Preparation for Death’, by St. Alphonsus Maria de’Liguori

…and that intelligent, charming young man, the life and the soul of the company, so sought after for his wit and his humour, for the elegance of his manners and the facetiousness of his conversation – where is he now? If you go into his room, he is not there, his bed has been taken by another; if you look in his wardrobe you will see that his arms and his clothes have passed into the hands of others.

Scarce 24 hours have elapsed since his death, and already his face, so beloved of his family and friends, so admired by all for its charm and youthful good looks, is become the colour of ashes, puffed up and disfigured; his body once so pampered, and indulged in its every desire and whim, now sends off an offensive odour. The windows have been opened wide, and a quantity of lilies procured, the sickly scent of which hangs heavily on the air. After a further while the coffin will be closed, taken away via the church to the grave, where he will be cast into the earth to become prey to the worms, and then to the rats; so that eventually all that remains of him will be dry bones, putrescence, and a little dust.

Read the rest at  Rorate Caeli.

And know, beloved Christian, that so shall it be also for you. And in the room in which you have breathed forth your last, and have been judged by Jesus Christ, they will dance, they will play, and they will laugh as before. And your soul – where will it be then?

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