Lenten Posts – 4

In what can we take glory? St. Josemaria asked himself. I am nothing but wretchedness. If I have anything that is acceptable, it comes from God. And this isn’t false humility. With my human intellect, in God’s presence, all I see is wretchedness. I see it as clearly as two plus two equals four. But I have God’s grace: Omnia possum in eo qui me confortat. (I can do all things in him who strengthens me.) And I struggle to convert my wretchedness into something divine. Everyone who struggles is on the road to sanctity. My children, make good use of this light from God, because – as you have heard me say many times – even though God doesn’t want our shortcomings, nevertheless he uses them to help our humility and our sanctification.

Our faults serve to reveal the inadequacy of our human condition. We are like the servant in the parable who had no way of repaying his master. A humble person feels the need to ask God for pardon many times each day. And a sure path to humility is contrition…

Read the rest at  Catholics Striving for Holiness.

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