Sequels and Second Thoughts

When the idea for my novel, One Last Flight, first came to me, I thought it could make for a fun short story. Thirteen months and sixty thousand plus words later, I had a novel on my hands. More than that, I had created a world I wanted to return to again and again. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do next, so I dedicated a notebook to it and started collecting my thoughts on the sequel. The second book was going to pair O.L.F.’s protagonist, Gaelic of Arkum with the Templar Zephyrinus Zapatas in an odd couple/buddy misadventure behind enemy lines. And while I jotted down many a thought and scribbled sketches of possible scenes, when it came to actually writing the book, it was false start after false start.

I wasn’t suffering from a poverty of ideas. Quite the contrary, I had lots of ideas. The problem was they were all for a completely different book. Instead of the sequel I should have been writing, I kept thinking about a prequel. It was frustrating, but eventually, I decided to allow Ms. Muse to have her way.

Thus was my current project, Faith and Empire born. This novel will be a pastiche of Robert Heinlein’s Star Ship Troopers, providing an insider’s view of The Holy Terran Empire to contrast that of Gaelic of Arkum’s outsider’s view.  The tale will provide this insider’s view by following Zephyrinus Zapatas’ career from his cadet years, his rise through the ranks of the Imperial Marines, his eventual Knighthood and ending when Zeph is sent to secure Krestor Station, where he will meet Gaelic.

So it turns out that I am writing the first book of a series well over a year after having released the series’ second book.

What to do? What to do?

Re-launch the Series!

That’s right. When I finally get Faith and Empire complete, I will launch it as the first book of the series. I will have pulled One Last Flight out of amazon a couple of weeks before, and then re-release it a month later with a  New Cover  and a new title: Federation and Empire.

(I will keep the original ASIN number so that no one buys it twice)

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