The Senate Impeachment Trial begins today and I find myself of two minds on the question of witnesses. (Yes, I know it’s going to be a week before the issue comes up properly.) Part of me wants the whole thing over as quick as possible. Acquit the President and let’s get DC on to more important matters. Another part of me wants to give the Dems what they’re asking for. Let them call any witness they want, so long, of course, as the Republicans are as free to call anyone they desire.

Either dismiss the whole bloody mess or go all out red in tooth and nail.


The Unz Reader  has a great article covering the highlights of the plundering of the Ukraine by the Democrats.

Washington Examiner offers up the dirt on the Christopher Heinz (Kerry’s son)/ Hunter Biden broken Bromance.

RED STATE  has the curious details on Paul Pelosi’s Ukraine connection. I say curious, because his seem to be innocent connections, once you  get past the sulfurous whiff of nepotism, that is.

Now there is no evidence that the Romneys are involved with the Ukraine, but since Mitt has gone out of his way to throw cover for those who are (and because he’s been among the most obnoxious of the Never-Trumpers,  we’ll chalk them off as meme warfare collateral damage.

Profiles in Corruption

And all of the above will undoubtedly prove to be small potatoes by what will be revealed in Peter Schweizer’s Profiles In Corruption,  releasing today!



Salacious Rumors Are Swirling  around the net that may take Schiff out once and for all!

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